Sunday, November 20, 2016

Micajah Haworth 1743-1822

Micajah Haworth is my 6th great grandfather. He was born 18 Nov 1743 Hopewell City, Virginia. His parents were Stephanus Haworth and Rachel Beeson. About 1763 Micajah and his brother George moved south from Opekon River, Virginia to North Carolina nearby a stream called Wright's Creek near Rich Fork and Abbot's Creek. They stop for the night at John McCurry's place. Micajah stayed and worked for John McCurry. His brother George moved on to outside of of Rowan Co. North Carolina.

Micajah married Mary McCurry in 1763 in North Carolina. She was the daughter of John McCurry. Looking at the Quaker record below, it seems that the McCurry's were not Quakers at the time that Micajah and Mary were married.

Here is another Quaker record of Micajah Haworth marriage, stating it was with someone what wasn't a part of their society. 30 Jun 1764 at New Garden Monthly Meeting in Guildford North Carolina

30 Mar 1771 it looks like Micajah presented papers condemning his misconduct on going out in marriage.

Accord to the family bible Micajah and Mary had at least 2 children:
John Haworth (1765-1814) * My 5th great grandfather.
Mary Haworth Wright (1787-1860)

Micajah ran a small mill, off of one of the streams that flow through his land.

Looks like Micajah was a Quaker here is a record of his and wife death in Guildford North Carolina Springfield Monthly Meeting Men's Minutes 1790-1820 Vol II

Here is Find A Grave record.

The Haworth Record Vol I No.I January 1906 ( book section)
Find A Grave
Quaker Records of New Garden Monthly Meeting Guildford North Carolina

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Richard Beeson 1684-1777

Richard Beeson is my 8th great grandfather. He was born 10 Oct 1684 in New Castle Delaware. His father was Edward Beeson and his wife was Rachel Pennington. Edward was born 1652 in England. He came to America abt 1682 at the age of 30. He lived in Irishtown, New Castle Delaware. His parents moved to Berkley Co. Virginia. and then moved to Chester Co. Pennsylvania. Then about 1754 he moved to the Guilford area of North Carolina, which he remain there until death.

Richard Beeson married Charity Grubb in 1706 at Nottingham Friends Meeting in Chester Co.Pennsylvania. They had 10 children all born in Pennsylvania:
John born abt 1708
Phebe born abt 1712
Richard born abt 1713
Benjamin born abt 1714
Charity born abt 1715
Edward born abt 1719
William born abt 1721
Stephen born abt 1723
Rachel born abt 1724
Isaac born abt 1729

In Jan. 1733 he was granted 100 Acres of land, lying on the south side of Mill Creek in the county of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He paid fifteen pounds, ten shillings. They join the New Garden Meeting and later on they moved to Virginia and joined the Hopewell Meeting. 

Richard and Charity were very active Quaker minsters.
Richard Beeson and his wife were accepted to New Garden Quaker Meeting in in Guilford North Carolina in 1754,

1761 Richard wife passed away. He did not remarried and he died in the spring of 1777 in Guildford North Carolina.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lindsey Ward 1818-1892

Lindsey Ward Tombstone Elsmore Kansas

Lindsey Ward was born 9 May 1821 ( according to his Civil War draft record ) or 25 Sep 1818 according to a history book called " History of Fulton County, Illinois": together with sketches if its cities, villages, and townships. The book states Lindsey was born in North Carolina and his father is Ely Ward who also was born in North Carolina. Ely Ward married Nancy Hayworth ( Haworth) They had 5 children. Ruhuma, Jacob T. and John. Ely was married before to Meca (Premeter) Cecil. They had two daughters name Epirva Jane Born 1841 and died in 1818, and Mary born 1846.
Lindsey was a Blacksmith according to his Civil War Draft Record.
History of Fulton Illinois 

Lindsey married Priscilla Ludlum and their children are:

Hattie Cordelia 1862-1945,
Ulysses Grant 1864-1931, Alpharetta 1867-1941, and Gertrude 1874-1899.
In 16 Nov 1840 Lindsey and Premeter married in Davidson North Carolina.
I found a 1855 census record that puts Lindsey in McDonough Illinois.
In 1 Mar 1856 Lindsey married Priscilla Ludlum in McDonough Ill.
In 1860 the family moved to Hancock Ill. and in 1865 they were in Woodland, Fulton Ill.
In 1892 Lindsey died in Elsmore Allen, Kansas.

Hattie Ward

Gertrude Ward

Back: Alpharata, Gertrude, Front Ulysses, Hattie

Thursday, September 15, 2016

John Haworth 1765-1814

Hattie Ward mother Nancy Hayworth was not easy to find at first. The main problem was that I was using the wrong spelling of the last name. I was using " Hayworth" instead of "Haworth". which I was going by a book that had Nancy being married to Ely Ward.  When I was using my DNA match list on Ancestry to search out those who match using surname search, by using the name Hayworth got me nowhere. One day I accidentally miss spelled the word to Haworth. Then I saw many match for this Haworth group in North Carolina. I started to dig into the wills on Ancestry and I was able to find a will that had Nancy's name on it. It was such a great feeling to feel when you finally after searching for so many years to find that piece of evidence that you need and to have DNA to confirm it for you.

Here is the will: It has his sons Elijah, John, Alfred, Emsley, and Newel, It has his daughters Nancy, Mary, Hannah, and Alice. It also has his wife Susanah and his brother Samuel.


Nancy father name is John Haworth born 27 May 1765 in Rowan North Carolina. He died 6 Apr 1814 in Rowan North Carolina. He married Susannah Hitchcock.
They had 10 children
Nancy born abt 1794 Davidson North Carolina
John Franklin born 4 May 1798 Rowan North Carolina, died 6 Dec 1874 North Carolina. He married Rebecca Craven 2nd wife Martha Johnson, 3rd wife Martha Teague.
Alice born abt 1800 Rowan North Carolina
Elijah born 7 Feb 1797 Rowan North Carolina, died 9 Apr 1861 North Carolina (?) He married Leah Hitchcock 2nd wife Druciller Lowe.
Emsley born 1 Apr 1809 Rowan North Carolina, died 5 Sep 1876 North Carolina or Indiana.
Hannah born 8 Mar 1796 Rowan North Carolina , 1 Jul 1872 Madison Indiana. Married Davis Welborn ( marriage bond 31 Dec 1816 Rowan North Carolina.
Newell born ? in Rowan North Carolina
Alfred born 14 Nov 1804 Rowan North Carolina, died 24 Jun 1880 Rowan North Carolina. He married Isabel Welborn in Rowan North Carolina.
Daniel born unknown, died abt 14 Mar 1814 in North Carolina ?
Mary born unknown and died unknown.

It seems that John Haworth was a farmer and mechanic. He also ran a small mill on Abbot's Creek. he also built a dam across Abbot's Creek.

I was able to find a lot of good information on the Haworth family from the website in the book section.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hattie Ward Family Branch

This page is of my Ward Family Tree. I will be posting my research on this page.

Hattie Cordelia Ward
B- 26 Feb 1862 in Illinois
D- 6 Sep 1945 Elsmore Allen Kansas
She is my 2nd great grandmother.

Her father is:
Lindsey Ward
B- 9 May 1821 Davidson North Carolina
D- 17 Aug 1892 Elsmore Allen Kansas

His father is:
Ely Ward, est birth 1790 in North Carolina.
He is my brickwall

I believe he married Nancy Haworth born abt 1794 in Davidson North Carolina.

I am not able to find a marriage record of their marriage at this present time. I do have their children married in the Davidson NC area.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Who is John Barron Daddy? Is it Samuel Cooksey Barron?

John Barron born before 1770 married Susan Mattingly. There has been speculation that his family line came from Charles Maryland and his father was Samuel Cooksey Barron. I wanted to see if this might be true or not. I and my uncles and a cousin took test on The results came in and I looked through my matches I saw two people who were descendants of Samuel Cooksey Barron son Augustine Barron show up on my test. I found another person who was a descendant of Thomas Hudson Barron. He was the son of John Barron and Susan Mattingly. We compared our matches they also had Barron's and Cooksey's from the Charles Maryland area. We also checked for the Burch's since Samuel married Millicent Burch and we both had the Burch family lines of Charles Maryland. I do feel very confident in this match.

I think Augustine Barron son of Samuel was in the same area as John Barron.  Augustine was in Nelson Ky in 1796. There is a marriage bond of him marrying Sarah Cissel, that has Thomas Mattingly as a witness. This tells me that Augustine knew Thomas Mattingly. This put another connection between the Mattingly's and Barron's beside John and Susan marriage during the same time frame. The Cissel's married into the Mattingly family line. I am not sure who this Thomas Mattingly is yet. 

 I still need to take the DNA test a step further and find others where I can compare through which chromosome and segment by triangulation. I would like to narrow down the Barron DNA Chromosome and segment the family line is on. We do have our raw data on Gedmatch and we are also on FTDNA and Ancestry.
Here is the Gedmatch kit#
I am hoping others who are from the Cooksey, Burch and Barron lines will compare our kits with yours and let me know if we match or not.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks John Barron 1770-1840

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks John Barron

 Today I am picking on John Barron. I believe he was born between 1766-1775. Many people have him on their trees born about 1770. I am estimating his birth date from his last census 1830 Hardin Kentucky. I am not able to find him after this date. I believe he may have died before 1840 in Kentucky. The earliest record I found of him in this area is 1805 Nelson Co. tax record and a marriage bond for 1805 of his step daughter Sophia Dixon, she married David Allin ( Allen) John married Susan Mattingly in Virginia. When I was researching for them being married in Virginia, I was looking for places in Virginia as we know it now. Not thinking of the time period of Kentucky being Virgina. A part of Nelson Co. became Hardin Co. ( Barron family lived at). I need to pay attention to history and look for those boundary changes. I am estimating that John came to Nelson about 1790 and he met Susan and they stayed in the area until they died. They had a son name Thomas Hudson Barron, another son name John Barron ( which I am a descendant of ) and a daughter name Martha Elizabeth Barron.

I believe that John had a brother name Augustine Barron who also came to Nelson Co. Kentucky about the same time as John. He ended up moving to Michigan. Augustine was born in Prince George Maryland 1771. He is the son of Samuel Cooksey Barron born 1730 Charles Maryland. I have DNA matches to this family line.